Production case studies


Chatham Island Food Co

Chatham Island Food Co is a small, locally-owned business located on the remote Chatham Islands. Chatham Island Food Co produces and delivers premium seafood from  pristine waters direct to your door. MGI shot and produced the story of Chatham Island Food Co.

Cooking with Fire

Cooking is an art of life, developing new connections, real connections with the environment we live in, the environment we eat it in and the people we share life with. The show “Cooking With Fire” ’s premise is to inspire people to develop meaningful connections, moments and memories with the world around them, the food they eat, friends, family and themselves.
We prepared recipes with Ora King Salmon with Chef Jason Roberts.

Story of grange

The legend of Australia’s most revered wine is one of invention, passion, risk and determination. The story of Grange began with a side trip to Bordeaux in 1950, where a wine ‘capable of staying alive for a minimum of twenty years’ first entered Max Schubert’s mind.

Humpty Doo Barramundi

is a 100% Australian family owned and operated farm located halfway between Darwin and Kakadu National Park. Sustainable food production is at the heart of Humpty Doo Barramundi HDB are grown within a saltwater wetland system where the water is cleaned using saltwater grasses and recirculated again and again.
We were so inspired by visiting the NT last year. We decided to film.

Dining by James Viles

Shot by @byronfilm

Behind the scenes at @diningbyjamesviles, Chef @jamesviles and the team come together to curate a culinary masterpiece that celebrates the harmonious union of people, place and the commitment to sustainability. Video by Byron Keane

Delite Orchard with Tom Walton

Australia’s #1 mandarin brand. Juicy & sweet, naturally seedless mandarins. Celebrating 10 years.
These naturally seedless mandarins are grown in regions that combine the perfect mix of fertile soil and idyllic climate to ensure that Delite mandarins are vibrant and bursting with sweet, juicy goodness.

Cape Byron Norco TVC

Here’s to Byron Bay: our home and muse since 1895. The natural, beauty and purity of this region is why our ice cream is creamier, bountiful and more crave-worthy – and why you can taste hints of the hinterland, sea breezes and sun-drenched beaches in every blissful bite.Inspired by the generosity of this coastline, our flavours brim with decadent textures, swirls and clusters that complement our heavenly ice cream. Crafted with our famous milk and cream from local farms, every scoop is an invitation to join us in paradise.

Walking Backwards Into The Future

‘Ka mua, ka muri’, Walking backwards into the future, is a Māori proverb that aptly describes the findings of this thesis. That we should look to the past to inform the future is arguably the purpose of history, yet we have to walk back far enough.

Aussie Experiences: Luxury Lodges

The trusted source for luxury Australian travel experiences and accommodation. This is a collection of the best high-end lodges and camps, located across diverse regions of Australia.

Collectively, the lodges showcase Australia’s extraordinary diversity of place and experience, underpinned by the soft luxuries expected by our guests. Purpose and positive impact is at the core of what it means to be a Luxury Lodge of Australia.

The lodges are much more than just a (great) place to stay. Delivery of connection to place is key to the purpose of each lodge. Between them the lodges deliver over 300 individual experiences and activities, all created to give guests a genuine sense of place, with the luxury of privileged access.