Made with care

Made with care

New Zealand’s fresh produce is renowned around the world for its freshness and quality, derived from the nation’s unique geographic location and its connection with the land and the sea. Founded on the relationship between people and the land, the unrivaled produce from New Zealand is built on the care, respect and understanding of nature.

When you buy New Zealand produce, you know you are supporting businesses with integrity. The food is safe, tasty, of premium quality, nutritious and ethical. The nation is mindful of reducing its environmental impact, ensuring the nutrient-rich soils and clear waters are conserved for future generations to continue producing world-class produce.

New Zealand food and beverage is used worldwide in Australia, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and America. The ‘Made with Care’ campaign highlights New Zealand’s best produce like Wine, Honey, Dairy, Seafood and Meat and where they can be found overseas.

Due to Australia’s close relationship with New Zealand, this campaign takes on a different dimension as Aussies are familiar with New Zealand’s values and philosophy in their food produce. Reflecting this friendship, a ‘Taste Buds’ Digital Cookbook was compiled, combining New Zealand delicacies with Australian flavours.

New Zealand’s creativity and innovative solutions paired with their care for people and nature enable them to deliver exceptional products worldwide.  This quality and excellence is reflected in their world status as fine producers of honey, wines and meats.

With lush rolling hills, New Zealand produces world renowned honey, especially for their Manuka Honey. The unique super-food has properties that treat wounds, reduce inflammation and aid digestion. So while you can get it as straight honey to eat or add into your cup of tea, it has also been incorporated into a range of products.

Additionally, the nation’s unique climate and landscape has enabled them to produce some of the finest wines – especially their Sauvignon Blanc. With slightly different climates in the North and the South have resulted in slightly different tones within their wine. Nevertheless, New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc perfect to pair with the fresh seafood from the nation and widely sought after worldwide.

We cannot talk about New Zealand food and wine without talking about their lamb. Famously known as a country with more sheep than humans.  Grass-fed throughout their life, New Zealand lamb is tender and has a pronounced flavour. Rich, tender and hormone free – it is no wonder that New Zealand lamb is in demand world-wide. 

However, there is nothing like a little rivalry in a close friendship – for decades New Zealand and Australia have been caught in a friendly argument regarding who invented the Pavolva. Named after Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova – the dessert is believed to have been created in her honour while she was touring in Australia and New Zealand. Consisting of a fluffy meringue that is topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream, the debate continues to be a cultural and friendly exchange between both nations.

By : Tiffany Fong

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