Wine and Local Food – Taste of Australia and NZ

Wine and Local Food – Taste of Australia and NZ

New Zealand is the home of lush green rolling fields and what better way to absorb this beautiful scenery than with a glass of wine and fresh local produce. The climate, rich soil and long stretches of coast means New Zealand produces some of the best seafood, lamb, wine and artisan cheese.

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New Zealand produces some of the best white wine with each region producing their own speciality. The Hawkes Bay and Marlborough region is well known for their Sauvignon Blanc, while Ontago and Martin Borough is known for their pinot noir.

To pair with the fine wines produced, New Zealand’s 14 000 km coast in the Southern Hemisphere means they have serve up some of the best seafood. Crayfish are found all over the coastal areas of New Zealand especially in Kaikōura. Additionally, king salmon, oysters and abalones are abundant and prepared in a variety of ways.

Additionally, New Zealand has world-class cheese companies that take advantage of their dairy industry.  Producing soft, creamy cheeses, sharp vintages and blue cheeses providing a range of cheese-tastings visitors can indulge in. Additionally, the lush green rolling hills of New Zealand where cows, sheep and goats graze means that the country commonly produces sheep and goat milk cheeses.

Bluff Oyster and Food Festival, Southland

Bluff is a small-town known as the ‘Pearl of the South’, famous world-wide for their creamy oysters. Seafood lovers can head to the South during the Winter harvest, indulging in oysters, salmon and blue cod. The festival runs annually.

Dates: May

Food and Wine Classic, Hawke’s Bay

From June to November, the locals of Hawke’s Bay come together to showcase the best of the region’s food and drink. Established chefs serve up gourmet cuisines in breweries, cideries and wineries to pair with the food.

Dates: June-November


Hosted by the local cafes, restaurants and cellar doors in Central Otago, food lovers will find delightful food combinations paired with Otago’s famous pinot noir. Established chefs plate up new creations for visitors to feast on, making use of fresh seasonal produce.

Dates: September-October

By : Tiffany Fong

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