Zhang Ziyi & Western Australia

Zhang Ziyi & Western Australia

‘Viva La Romance’ is China’s number 1 reality TV show, generating over 1.8 billion viewers per season. In conjunction with Mango TV, MGI supported Zhang Ziyi’s season that was filmed in Western Australia.

Helping to secure sponsorships and marketing rights for Mango & Hunan Satellite TV content opportunities, ‘Viva La Romance’ second season was filmed in Western Australia. Featuring one of China’s most beloved personalities, Zhang Ziyi brought 1.6 billion viewers to Western Australia showcasing its sunny skies and blue oceans. With over 28 000 000 Weibo followers, Zhang Ziyi and ‘Viva La Romance’ delivered an advertising gift worth $500 million in tourism for the state.

With two articles published in Australian news through the ABC (5 000 000) and The West (2 000 000) Australia, alongside Zhang Ziyi’s own Weibo post (30 000 000), a total of 37 000 000 was reached in total.

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