Lewis Road Creamery’s China Launch

Lewis Road Creamery’s China Launch

Supporting the launch of Lewis Road Creamery’s flavoured milk through Shanghai Fashion Week, to position itself as an affordable luxury lifestyle brand that took cues from fashion.

Titled ‘Moments of Delight’, the campaign positioned Lewis Road Creamery as an appealing product for Chinese females. With its rich creaminess and silky moments of happiness, Lewis Road Creamery provides an exquisite taste that lingers delightfully.

The premium flavours accompanied by the smooth, silky texture of the milk aligns perfectly with the brand’s position as an affordable luxury lifestyle brand. The content MGI produced for the brand looks like it belongs within the pages of Vogue, curated in art galleries, or found on the sketch easels of fashion houses by aligning the consumption experience with fashion and silk.

Lewis Road Creamery’s pastel colours and creamy taste evokes the texture of silk. A strong yet light and sensuous fabric crafted in ancient China, the material is so exquisite it was traditionally reserved for royalty. The emperor would walk the grounds of the Imperial Palace in white silk, and today the fabric remains a status symbol in the fashion industry. The manifestation of luxury and pleasure encapsulated within its shine and the way it drapes over the body.

The Shanghai Fashion week is a biannual event with fashion shows, presentations and events. For additional information, visit www.shanghaifashionweek.com.

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